We offer specific solutions depending on the demands.

Choosing us

Having gained huge experience in glass, we provide delivering constructions that optimize safe usability, functionality and value from the perspective of the customer.  Have-in depth understanding of glass and its properties, we offer specific solutions depending on the demands.

Our glass constructions, conforming to the essentials, are a combination of aesthetic, functionality and value. We are able to make creations for your environs that start with usability and, based on our comprehensive experience, focus on responding and adapting to the needs and desires of our clients.

We work with interior designers, decorators, architects, engineers as well as retail customers.

Health and safety

Chatziparasoglou Glass Constructions is committed to create and sustain a healthy and safe workplace for employees, suppliers, clients and guests at our establishments and construction sites too. Our goal is to operate continuously and effectively, regarding possible risks that can be anticipated and controlled.


Chatziparasoglou Glass Constructions emphasizes on environment and enforces environmental policy.
Our belief is that environmental protection is a responsibility and we are committed to sustain a strategy and practices that prevents and minimizes the environmental impact.


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